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/ Ukrainian cuisine

Ukrainian cuisine has been developed through many centuries. During all these centuries Ukrainian cuisine remains homogeneous. People continue using the same product set and processing methods. Some Ukrainian dishes became quite popular among the other countries and cultures. Ukrainian cuisine is considered to be diverse and rich one in the most neighboring Slavic countries.

Cuisine in Ukraine has been exposed to cuisines of different neighboring countries, such as Russia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Germany. That is why Ukrainian dishes may taste and be prepared differently in different regions of Ukraine.

However, it does not influence the unity of Ukrainian cuisine in general. The difference is not in the main Ukrainian dishes and foo culture, but in the way of cooking. You will surely notice this difference being in the west part of Ukraine and then while vising central Ukraine or the eastern one part of the country.
Each region has its own secrets as well as every Ukrainian family has own receipts which are handed down from generation to generation.

Ukrainian food culture is tasty and original. That is why it may be interesting to try Ukrainian cuisine and it is preferable to do it in the territory of the country.

Ukrainian cuisine. Origins

Each national cuisine differs from each other by the way of cooking and the place where the food is prepared. In Ukraine the place where all the Ukrainian dishes have been cooked was called “varysta pich” or in other words “fire pit” of a closed type.

Each family in Ukraine had a fire pit or over. This fixture played a great role not only in cooking, but also was used for house warming.

That is the reason why Ukrainians mostly use such techniques as baking, stewing or boiling. Frying in Ukraine was not so popular, as it was, for example, in German or in the other European counties. Being in the field conditions Ukrainian Cossacks tried not to fry the game, but to make a bullion out of it.

What do Ukrainians eat?

The question is: What do Ukrainians eat? Counter question is: When?

Let’s take a look at the whole process of development of Ukrainian cuisine and formation of Ukrainian food culture.

The first Ukrainian cook appeared in the monasteries and princely courts. Since that time cooking has been defined as a separate profession. Cooking required a strong essential skills and mastery. Already in the XI century there were several chefs among monks in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. As well as in Kiev-Pechersk Lavra cooks took their place in the houses of rich families.

Thank for kindly geographical and climatic environment Ukrainian cuisine includes dishes of plant and animal origin. In the days of Trypillian culture (it is almost 5 thousand years) ago people who settled the territories of modern Ukraine knew how to grow wheat, barley, switch-grass. Corn has been brought to the territory of Ukraine about one thousand years ago. Introduction of corn into Ukrainian household made a contribution to development of Ukrainian cuisine.

Despite the fact that cattle breading and fishing were quite popular in the territory of Ukraine, meat dishes mostly were a part of holiday feast up to XIX century.

Product set increasing

XVI—XVIII centuries became very important for development of Ukrainian food culture. During these years there were a lot of many products brought to Ukraine from different countries. Among them are potato, mustard, sunflower, tomatoes, egg plant and many others.

  • Potato was widely used for cooking first courses and garnishing for meat and fish dishes. Potato became a canonic ingredient for most first courses;
  • Olive oil has been replaced with oil of sunflower;
  • Mustard became a widely used dressing for most meat and fish dishes.

Tomatoes and other vegetables, such as egg plant also became a part of Ukrainian household and Ukrainian food culture. Another one thing that influenced development of Ukrainian cuisine and made a change on traditional bakery was a sugar beet. People started to use sugar in bakery and for making different alcohol drinks, for example liqueurs.

Today Ukrainian cuisine attracts with its originality and diversity. It may be an interesting experience to taste Ukrainian dishes. Ukrainian meal is a variety of new flavors, great impressions, unique receipts, variety of dishes, desserts, seasonings.