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The Ukrainians have a great sense of humor and artistry. Ukrainian language is considered to be one of the most beautiful languages in the world. That is why Ukrainians do not devoid of melodiousness. Each holiday and celebration is a great reason to sing folk songs and demonstrate talent. Since ancient times it was noticed that Ukrainian people are endued with talent to create works of art. They are good at embroidery, weaving, painting, carving and pottery. Works of art are commonly used in household decorating.

Ukraine is a centric European country, however culture of Ukraine has been influenced by eastern and western neighbors since early times, especially Russia, Poland, Austria and Turkey. Ukrainian culture inherits many religious and cultural traditions of Kiev Rus and the Byzantine Empire. Polish and Austrian influence more noticeable in the western part of Ukraine, while Russian influence – in Eastern and Southern Ukraine.

This neighborhood has been reflected on its art, music, architecture, literature, traditions, and the other different aspects of Ukrainian culture.

The true creators and towers of strength of Ukrainian culture continued to be the broad masses of society – peasants, Cossacks and craftsmen. Ukrainian culture has been developed as a folk culture. The central figures in the most pieces of art in Ukrainian culture are that peasants, Cossacks and craftsmen. Life, household, traditions and customs of these social groups were attractive for populace then and now.

Folk culture is a basis of all Ukrainian culture. Of course, depending on a region it may vary, however all the fundamental parts of social heritage in our country has been developing based on folk culture since ancient times. Folk culture influenced the whole view of life. In order to fully understand all the beauty and uniqueness of Ukrainian culture it is better to learn each aspect separately.

For today, we can highlight two major groups in social heritage of Ukraine: the western, bearing a stronger European influence and the eastern regions showing a strong Russian influence.

We can point out the main periods in Ukrainian culture establishment:

  • X B.C. – V A.D. Culture of Old Slavic tribes, times before adoption of Christianity;
  • V A.D. – 1300th. Times of Kiev Rus and Kingdom of Galicia–Volhynia;
  • 1240 – beginning of 1400th. Times of reign of Mongol-Tatar Yoke in the territory of Ukraine;
  • 1400th – 1700th. Cossacks era;
  • 1700th – beginning of XX century. Times of Russian Empire influence on Eastern Ukraine and Poland/Austria/Hungary influence on West Ukraine;
  • 1920 – 1980. Communistic era.
  • 1980 – 1991. Ukrainian culture on its way to independence;
  • 1991 – till now. Development of Ukrainian culture in the context of independence.

Each period in development of Ukrainian culture is important and has its own peculiarities. Development of culture is a constant process and progress. Every period enlarges a previous one and gives a strong background to the next one. If you are interested in more details regarding each period mentioned above, please visit our page “History”. Culture inextricably connected with history. The one is impossible without another. History influences development of culture. Culture shows people’s attitude towards current historical events and situation within the country. That is why it is so important to learn history and culture of the country altogether.

The main cultural aspects:

  • Holidays and traditions. The very core of Ukrainian culture is customs and traditions. This is a basis required for understanding of originality and uniqueness of culture of all Ukrainians.
  • Music. Music is the thing most people cannot live without. Ukrainian song is known since the days of Kiev Rus. Today music are in Ukraine includes almost all styles – from folk to professional and from academic to popular.
  • Cinema. Cinematography in Ukraine has started its development since XX century. Today cinematography can compete with world film industry not only by scales of film production but also by professional competence of cast of characters.
  • Sport. Sport is health and beauty. Ukrainians do not neglect this aspect of life. Learn more about famous kinds of sport, sportsmen, participation in Olympic game and the other important events in the world sport arena.
  • Architecture. Architecture is a system of buildings and structures. Well-planned architecture organizes space for building and living. Development of architecture in Ukraine dates back to the times of Kiev Rus. Learn how it was and how it is now.