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Living in Ukraine, we don’t notice small details of the beauty that surrounds us. Strolling through the streets of such cities as Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Poltava, Odessa, Zaporizhzhya, Chernigiv and of course Ivano-Frankivsk – everyone can unexpectedly open the insane amount of beautiful buildings and find a long and incredible history of the Ukrainian architecture. Until our times has being preserved unique and inimitative architecture in Ukraine and art – representatives from the medieval era to the Soviet Union time.

Architecture of Ukraine Kharkov constructivism

History of Ukrainian architecture

The history of Ukrainian architecture tooks its origin from the traditional wooden log-houses of Kyivskaya Rus’ time-end of the IXth beginning of the Xth century. All buildings were made of wood. An eloquent representative of the Byzantine style in Kyivskaya Rus’ and became preserved until today is St. Sophia

Cathedral which is situated in Kiev and was erected in the XI century. It became the ancestor of the elongated up domes of Kyiv churches and specific color scale paintings, frescoes and mosaics. The most avital church in Ukraine is Desyatynnaya Church, which is saved till now only in its basement.

After the Mongol invasion it is became a popular to construct towers, castles and chateaus. It was the kind of defence for that period. All walls were very high and had specific ornament embroidered by red bricks. The example is Khotyn fortress which is saved till now.

Architecture in Ukraine Khotyn fortress

XIIV- XIIIV century became famous for the original and absolutely unique architectural style – Ukrainian Baroque. It is characterized by the presence of a large amount of tiny details, inherent in the classical Baroque, but in the form of traditional Ukrainian elements. Cranberry bush, ears of wheat, vegetables and fruits – they all adorned the facades of buildings in pre-Soviet period. The most prominent representative of this style is the St. George Cathedral (1741-1770).

Architecture of Ukraine Lvov

Architecture in Ukraine in Soviet period

In period when Ukraine was as a part of the Soviet Socialist Republics a new direction was born in Poltava – Ukrainian Modern. Poltava, Kharkiv and Kyiv are the bright owners of well-known representatives of this style such as the building of the Poltava province zemstvo, now is Poltava Museum of Local Lore, the main railway station in Kiev, Kharkiv Art College, Khrennikov’s House in Dnepropetrovsk , Hotel “Ukraina” in Lugansk, ect.

During the Second World War the large number of buildings have been damaged and destroyed: Assumption Cathedral of the Kiev-Pechersk Monastery, Cathedral of the Archangel Michael St. Michael’s Monastery, Church of the Assumption in Podil, Vasilyevskaya (Three Saints) church.

After the proclamation of independence of Ukraine it has begun construction of modern buildings and the restoration of the destroyed by time and war.

Today, hundred thousands of new buildings are constructed annually in Ukraine: residential complexes, offices and shopping centers. Cities gradually change their appearance, and as well as the whole country with them.

Architecture of Ukraine Odessan empire style