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As we know Lumiere bothers were the first filmmakers in the history of cinematography. The first one motion picture was presented in 1895 in Paris. The first Ukrainian movies have been shown at once after Paris performance. Ukrainian cinema started its developmentat the end of 19th century. In 1893 mechanic Joseph Timchenko and physician Nicolai Lubimov invented a prototype of modern movie camera and device for a film projection. This device has been presented in Moscow and currently is located in Moscow Polytechnic Museum.

In 1911 the first one Ukrainian silent featured-length film was made by Daniil Sakhnenko. The name of the first Ukrainian movie was “The Zaporozhian Sich”.

Development of Ukrainian cinema has been almost stopped after revolution in 1917. During Soviet period all film studious have been nationalized by Soviets. Then studious in Yalta and Odessa have been reconstructed. In 1928 in Kiev was opened a new one film studio named after A. Dovzhenko.  Opening of this new film center gave a dramatic start for development of Ukrainian cinema. As much popularity gained cinema industry as more movies have been shooting. Ukraine has the greatest creative potential in USSR. The main part of shot movies accrued to Ukraine. For example, in the mid-1980s 60 featured and 500 documentary movies were produced in Ukraine every year. The main characteristic of all Ukrainian movies was and still remains an original color. Ukrainian cinematography enriched the budget and gave more than 200 ml. dollars of gross income every year.

After the collapse of Soviet Union cinema of Ukraine fallen in to disrepair because of lack of funding. Independent country could not fund a development of Ukrainian cinema and production of Ukrainian movies has been stopped. Another one problem Ukrainian cinema has faced was a search of new topics. As Soviet propaganda lost edge Ukrainian film communities needed to search for a new topics and ideas.

Ukrainian cinema today

As the years go by, Ukrainians started shoot commercial movies. Nowadays Ukrainian film communities shoot movies and search for a new audience. It is noticed that Ukrainian movie industry is being developed slowly but consistently.

Currently it is already possible to point Ukrainian famous actors, best Ukrainian movies. A quality level of produced films in Ukraine raised dramatically and range among overseas and Hollywood movies. Modern Ukrainian movies take part in the different international film contests and showings, pick up awards and gain nominations.

Ukrainian famous actors:

  • Ivan Mykolaichuk (Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, 1964);
  • Bohdan Stupka (Taras Bulba, 2009);
  • Stanislav Boklan (The Guide, 2014);
  • Roxolana Kravchuk (Unforgotten Shadows, 2013).

Best Ukrainian movies: