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The importance of the national Ukrainian music can be seen in the fact, that it’s popular and widely used even in modern popular works. Despite the fact that it has been developing over the centuries, it did not lose its uniqueness and flavor, that makes it unique among the other musical cultures in the world.

Now music of Ukraine is developing in all directions. There are opera theaters, philharmonic, theaters of musical comedy in most Ukrainian cities and regional centers, that support the interest of the country’s residents and foreigners to national music. Ukrainian bands and Ukrainian singers — are frequent participants and, often, winners of international competitions and festivals.

Traditional Ukrainian music

Music is one of the features of the Ukrainian people. People gave attention and made music thousands of years before; they did it in the days of Kievan Rus and continue doing it now. Considering the size of modern country, Ukrainian traditional music has been developed in different ways throughout the country. Somewhere you can notice connections with Russian and Belorussian folklore. And the music of Western Ukraine is generally a separate phenomenon, which has no analogues in the world.

Music played a great role in magical rites and rituals. People believed, that it can help against the evil forces, cure from bad sleep and evil eye. At first, it was just a part of dancing and poetry. Later, it became a separate and essential part of Ukrainian culture. Soloists and other singers appeared. It was the starting point of development of Ukrainian music.

Ukrainian folk music

Ukrainian folk songs play an important role in the history of Ukrainian music. They are divided into several subtypes:

  • Calendar-ceremonial;
  • Family ritual;
  • Household;
  • Serf life;
  • Historical songs and ballads;
  • The soldier’s life;
  • Lyrical songs and ballads.

In the 15th century historical songs came to the first plan. Cossack songs, the glorification of princes and military campaigns, the kobzars — almost all of this can be named as examples of first famous Ukrainian songs; and everything here perfectly characterizes the Ukrainian music for several centuries.

Ukrainian musical instruments

A huge number of Ukrainian instruments, including brass, percussion and string, appeared and remained on the territory of country during Kievan Rus.
The most important traditional Ukrainian musical instruments are:

  • Kobza;
  • Bandura instrument;
  • Trembita;
  • Drums.

Famous Ukrainian musicians

The most popular ensembles of the country, that play traditional Ukrainian songs:

  • Ivano-Frankowski National Academy Hutsul ensemble of songs and dance “Gutsuliya”;
  • The National Academic Ukrainian Folk Choir named by Grigory Veryovka.

Also, Ukraine is known for its outstanding names that glorified its music: Mykola Lysenko, Mykola Leontovych, Mikhail Verbitsky and many others.
And, of course, it’s impossible not to mention contemporary artists and musical groups, who incessantly write Ukrainian songs, win all prizes in international festivals and are very confident to represent their country abroad:

  • Okean Elzy;
  • Druga Rika;
  • Vopli Vidopliassova;
  • Skryabin;
  • Ruslana;
  • Alexander Ponomarev;
  • Ani Lorak;
  • Jamala and many others.

Everyone of them create and sing popular Ukrainian songs, often, not just entertaining the public, but telling some important national stories.