Holidays and Traditions in Ukraine

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Ukrainian traditions

Ukrainian people treat their history, traditions and customs seriously. Among all Ukrainian people you can feel a spirit of nation, gratitude to ancestors and deep connection with roots. Ukrainian traditions form cultural heritage of all Ukrainian nation. Ukrainians carry their traditions and customs through years and hand them down from generation to generation. Youth don’t hesitate to take old customs to their modern life. They bring new view and colors to the things, that we thought cannot be changed anymore.

Looking back at the past

Most of Ukrainian traditions take origin from the period of Old-Ukrainian heathen. That is why a celebration of almost all Ukrainian holidays includes heathen attributes. Christianity has been adopted just in Xth century. That is why all Ukrainian traditions are closely intertwined with heathen (times when people worshipped idols, nature and different gods: god of Sun, god of Wind) and Christianity, and even with Catholicism.

Customs and traditions in Ukraine represent uniqueness and individuality of whole Ukrainian culture. Despite the fact that Ukraine is a central European country, traditions of Ukraine are not similar to traditions of any other countries. Combination of heathen attributes and Orthodox ceremonies shows individuality of Ukrainian culture among neighbors. It was difficult for people to release their old and customary traditions and habits and just switch their mind to the other, Orthodox ones. This change-over seemed to be quite difficult for people and this became the main reason why Ukrainians tried to combine their heathen habit with new Orthodox culture.

What are the main Ukrainian holidays?

It is noticed that holidays in Ukraine are closely connected with everyday life, religion and seasons. Each holiday has its own rites, history and meaning. Ukrainians lay emphasis on celebration of several main holidays:

We meet all the guests of our country smiling and greeting. This is our peculiarity and this is how we welcome people. It is a pleasure for us to share Ukrainian customs with our guests, to celebrate our main holidays according to Ukrainian traditions.