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Great interest to Ukraine in the world produced flow of tourists, who wanted to see it’s nature, culture, get acquainted with traditions one of the biggest country in Europe. Climate in Ukraine is quite mild for comfortable stay in the country.

Before the journey many travelers wonder – “What is the weather in Ukraine?” Let’s try to discuss the intricacies of the formation of seasons and weather in Ukraine, to know what we should bring there – fur or raincoat, shoes or sandals.

Climate in Ukraine

In general, there are the only 3 factors which form the climate:

  1. One of the main factors – the amount of solar radiation that gets each part of the earth. The nearby places to the equator receive more solar radiation, than farther ones. Because of the location relative to the equator climate in Ukraine is defined as moderate, and it is in a moderate thermal belt.
  2. Second factor, which determines climate of Ukraine, is the circulation of air masses in the atmosphere. The bigger part of Ukraine falls under the influence moderate air masses, with the exception southern coast of Crimea. These air masses are characterized by averages indicators humidity and temperature – not cold and not hot, not dry and not wet. In addition to the moderate air mass Ukraine gets into the area of action of westerly winds.When the winds fly under the Atlantic Ocean, they gaining moisture.Move under the Eurasia, Westerly winds gradually give moisture and soft the climate. There is some distance between Ukraine and Atlantic Ocean, so Westerly wind brings moderate amount of moisture. It’s why the climate in Ukraine is considered as moderately continental. And rainfall changes in the direction from North-West to South-East from 700 mm to 300 mm. Sometimes cold Arctic winds impact in weather in Ukraine.
  3. The third factor, that depends on the answer to the question, what is the climate of Ukraine, it is a landform. 95% of land of Ukraine are plains, 5% – mountains Ukrainian Carpathians and the Crimean mountains. So, climate of Ukraine of flat terrains depends from the distance from the equator and the Atlantic ocean. Temperature in the mountains reduced in accordance with the height. Moreover, in Carpathians and the Crimean mountains fixed high humidity – up to 1500 mm, expressed in increased amounts of precipitation – rains and snows.

Summer in Ukraine

In summer Ukrainian weather is warm. On the south of country is hot. At this time climate of Ukraine is determined by the anticyclone. There aren’t any clouds, the wind is weak. The average temperature varies in the range of 17-21 °C. Rainfall is rare, but very intense. In mountains are possible thunderstorms. In the South-East part of the country Ukrainian weather is characterized by dryness of air, and a little amount of rainfall.

Winter in Ukraine

In winter, climate in Ukraine depends primarily on the atmospheric circulation. At this time, the amount of solar radiation decreases, so Westerly and Arctic winds form Ukrainian weather. At this time, we can see a big difference between North-West and South-East parts of the country. Seasons and weather in Ukraine on the North-West of the country inherent snow and low temperatures ( -5, -7 °C). On the South-East of the country winter is warmer; winter continues 55-75 days. Snow cover is unstable, but seasons and weather in Ukraine is characterized by the presence of precipitation and fog.

Autumn in Ukraine

The first part of autumn is characterized with warm and sun weather. In the second half of the season temperature in Ukraine drops down to 0 °C. Usually in autumn Ukrainians experience the first snowfall. Snowfall in autumn is not abundant, however the weather shows that the winter is coming.

Spring in Ukraine

Spring weather in Ukraine is very unstable. At this time, it’s hard to predict what is the temperature in Ukraine. Dry and clear weather gives way to rain. In the second half of spring, snow in Ukraine melts, except snow in mountains. So, the weather in Ukraine is getting warmer, but cloudy.

What is the best season to visit Ukraine?

So, planning your journey in the country, you want to hear the answer on the question – What is the weather in Ukraine. A feature of this country is, that in all parts of the country in all seasons the weather is favorable for vacation and travels.

 In winter, you can go skiing or snowboarding in North-East part of country, where there is much snow in Ukraine. In summer, the temperature allows do thalassotherapy on the coast on the Black and the Azov sea, rivers and lakes of the country. The autumn and spring are considered as the best seasons for visiting cultural attractions in Lviv, Kyiv, Chernivtsi, Vinnitsa and Kamyanets-Podilskyi.