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The history of every nation has seen many changes, war and truce, decline and prosperity, deception and devotion. Speaking about Ukraine, it should be noted that it is a relatively young sovereign republic. The first important event took place in 1648 when Zaporozhye Cossacks led by Bohdan Khmelnytsky rebelled. In 1654 Pereyaslav Rada was established. It proclaimed that their territories went under the patronage of the Russian Empire. In 1772-1795 the right-bank territories, Volyn and Podolia joint the Russian Empire. Since that time was strated a long way to Independence of Ukraine.

After the collapse of the Russian Empire on November 20, 1917 an autonomous Ukrainian People’s Republic (UPR) was proclaimed. On January 9, 1918 UPR declared Ukrainian independence. However, the civil war ended with the establishment of Soviet power and the formation of the Ukrainian SSR, which occupied most of the territory of modern Ukraine. In 1922, the Ukrainian SSR became one of the founding members of the USSR.

After the August putsch in Moscow on August 24, 1991, the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR declared independence of Ukraine. So, this day opened a new era in the political history of Ukraine.

Ukrainian independence day

Have you ever wondered when did Ukraine get its independence? Ukrainian independence day – is a national holiday in Ukraine which is celebrated annually on August 24th in honor of the adoption of regulations and the Act of Independence of Ukraine by the Supreme Council of USSR, which is considered to be the date of sovereign Ukraine coming into being. But who declared independence? It was Leonid Kravchuk – the first President of an independent Ukraine.

August 24 is an official holiday. For the whole day there are concerts, festivals and joy. Official figures speak to the people and congratulate them with such an important day. An independence day of Ukraine is celebrated during the entire day. Later in the afternoon all kinds of attractions, amusement parks and so on work free of charge. Residents go to the theater to see the premieres. For animal lovers the capital presents the best zoos of the country, where anyone can admire rare species of fauna listed in the Red Book. Magnificent fireworks performed in honor of independence day in Ukraine end celebration. The bright lights flying in the sky attract and fascinate the eyes of millions citizens of an independent Ukraine. This magical action takes place on all central squares of large and small Ukrainian cities.

Yellow and blue balloons raise high above the city embodying the power and independence of Ukraine, a military parade is held on the square, and the national anthem of the state is heard everywhere. And in Kiev at midnight a volley of cannon is heard, which ends the celebration. So solemnly and beautifully finishes the celebration of the most important event for Ukraine – the Independence Day.

According to the Constitution the national symbols are the national flag, the national emblem and the national anthem. The national flag of Ukraine represents two equal horizontal bands of blue and yellow colors. Tryzub is the national emblem adopted on February 19, 1992. It is a stylized image of a heraldic dive hawk.

History of independent Ukraine

When Ukrainian independence was proclaimed Ukraine’s economy was weak and deformed: 95% of the enterprises obeyed to Moscow, almost 80% of the production did not complete a technological cycle, only 28% of enterprises produced consumer goods. The country faced an extensive way of development, scientific, technical and technological backwardness (40% of machinery and equipment should have been replaced), low competitiveness and so on.

What happened to the economy of Ukraine in the first years of independence has no historical analogies: from 1990 to 1994, GDP declined by 44%, industrial output – by 41%, national income – by 54%. Even the USA during the Great Depression didn’t see such numbers.

In 1996 a new national currency was introduced – the hryvnia.

Today, a new Ukrainian government is unable to stabilize an economic and political situation in the country. That’s why today Ukraine is in decline. According to the Institute of Demography and Social Studies by Ptukha, 58.3% of Ukrainians live below the poverty line. The neighboring countries has recognized the growing poverty in the country. This period will definitely enter the political history of Ukraine.