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Ukraine consists of 27 regions. There are 24 oblasts, 1 autonomous republic, and 2 cities with special status (the capital of Ukraine and the capital of autonomous republic). 21 regions of Ukraine are named after their capital cities (for example, in Chernihiv region the capital city is Chernihiv). Names of the other 3 oblasts are not connected with the names of capital cities. All Ukrainian regions (except cities of Ukraine with special status) are divided into districts (raions). In each district there is the main city, several other cities and a lot of towns and villages.

Ukrainian historical regions

Different regions of Ukraine used to be the parts of different countries.

The first Ukrainian state – Kingdom of Halicia-Volhynia – was founded in 9 century. It included the lands, which now are on the west of Ukraine.

In 14 centuries Western and Central parts of Ukraine were joined to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

In the end of 16 century the Grand Duchy of Lithuania united with Kingdom of Poland, so the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was created. Western and Central Ukrainian lands were parts of this state till 17 century.

In 18-19 centuries Western Ukraine was a part of Austrian Empire. Meanwhile Central, South and Eastern Ukraine were parts of Russian Empire.

In 1917-1921 Ukrainian revolution took place, and Ukrainian National Republic was created. Since 1922 Ukraine was the part of Soviet Union.

In 1991 Ukraine declared independence.

Regions of Ukraine. Western Ukraine

Regions of the western part of Ukraine

Region (oblast)


Quantity of districts

Short characteristic

Lviv region Lviv 20 It is the economic, cultural and political center of Western Ukraine. Lviv is one of the most important cities of the country. It is the main educational, touristic and industrial city of the western part of Ukraine. In Lviv oblast there are 53 universities, 17 museums and 11 theaters. There are many churches, ancient castles, and many other things, which are worth seeing.
Chernivtsi region Chernivtsi 11 In Chernivtsi region you can see the Carpathian Mountains, Dniester river and Prut river.

This region has the smallest area among Ukrainian oblasts (only 3,126 square miles).

Khmelnytskyi region Khmelnytskyi 20 There flow 3 rivers: Dniester, Southern Buh, and Dnipro. Its capital city – Khmelnytskyi – is known for monuments of famous Ukrainian people (Bohdan Khmelnytskyi, Taras Shevchenko, Anton Makarenko).
Ternopil region Ternopil 17 This region is known for numerous ancient fortresses and castles.
Ivano-Frankivsk region Ivano-Frankivsk 14 Here is located Bukovel – the best ski resort of Ukraine.
Zakarpattia region Uzhhorod 13 Here you can admire the beauty of Ukrainian nature. There are waterfalls, lakes, and Biosphere Reserve here.
Rivne region Rivne 16 It is an important cultural center of Ukraine. If you like theaters, philharmonics and museums, visit Rivne.
Volyn region Lutsk 16 The pearl of Volyn region is a group of more than 30 lakes – Lakes of Shatsk.

Regions of Ukraine. Eastern Ukraine

This part consists of 3 regions:

  • Kharkiv oblast;
  • Donetsk oblast;
  • Luhansk oblast.

Kharkiv is one of the biggest cities of Ukraine. Among the other regions of Ukraine Kiev takes the first place by popularity and size. There are more than 30 universities, 8 museums, 7 theaters, more than 100 research institutes there. If you plan to visit Kharkiv, don’t forget to go to the art museum, opera and ballet theater, botanic garden. For football funs there is Metalist Stadium in Kharkiv, which can accommodate more than 40000 people.

One of the most important regions of Ukraine are Donetsk and Luhansk. These regions are the heart of Ukrainian industry. There coal mines and many factories are located here. Because of the tense political situation, now Donetsk and Luhansk are out of the Ukrainian control.

Regions of Ukraine. South Ukraine

Regions of the South Ukraine

Region (oblast)


Quantity of districts

Short characteristic

Odessa region Odessa 26 It is the biggest oblast of Ukraine (12,860 square miles). It is washed by Black Sea, so a lot of tourists come here every summer.
Mykolaiv region Mykolaiv 19 This region is also washed by Black Sea. In its capital city – Mykolaiv – there are many places to go to: art museum, yacht-club, aquapark, shipbuilding museum and so on.
Kherson region Kherson 18 It is washed by Black and Azov seas. In Kherson there are numerous interesting places for history buffs: Kherson fortress and more than 30 cathedrals.
Dnipro region Dnipro 22 It stands on Dnipro river. Dnipro city is one of the biggest cities of Ukraine. It is famous for its architecture, numerous museums, parks, universities, libraries.
Zaporizhia region Zaporizhia 20 Here you can see Khortytsia island – the place where cossacks lived.
The autonomous republic of Crimea Simferopol (the city with special status) 27 It used to be the touristic center of Ukraine. Now it is the part of Russia.

Regions of Ukraine. Central Ukraine

It includes 8 oblasts and 1 city with special status – Kyiv – the capital of Ukraine.

Regions of Central Ukraine, and the capitals.



Number of districts

Short characteristic

Kyiv region and Kyiv Kyiv 25 Kyiv is the biggest city of Ukraine. There are numerous museums, parks, malls and so on. Here is located the government of the country.
Zhytomyr region Zhytomyr 23 It is famous for its fortresses: in Novohrad Volyn, Chervone, Turchynivka, Berdychiv.
Chernihiv region Chernihiv 22 It is the area with rich history. Here you can see a lot of churches and medieval cannons.
Sumy region Sumy 18 It is a small region. It has few sights. One of them is Spaso-Preobrazhenskyi cathedral.
Cherkasy region Cherkasy 20 In this oblast is located Arboretum Sofiyivka.
Poltava region Poltava 25 The most interesting place here is the museum of the battle of Poltava.
Vinnitsa region Vinnitsa 27 In this oblast, there are many palaces, where famous people lived.
Kirovohrad region Kropyvnytskyi 21

It is worth visiting thanks to the amazing river Syniukha.