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Ukrainian division

According to the constitution Ukraine consists of 24 regions, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and 2 cities with a special status – Sevastopol and Kiev. Since the Russian Federation has annexed the Republic of Crimea, Ukrainian government has lost its control over Crimea and Sevastopol. The administrative divisions of Ukraine were fully inherited from the USSR. From geographical side Ukrainian division consists of regions (oblasts, districts) and places of settlements (villages, cities and towns). All regions are subdivided into 490 districts and 176 cities.

The introduction of oblasts took place in 1932. Before this date Ukrainian division consisted of 40 okruhs. In 1932 the territory of the country had undergone administrative reform as a result Ukrainian provinces got oblasts. This reform didn’t concern the Western Ukraine, which at that time was a part of the Polish Republic. Those provinces had voivodeships. After the World War 2 the country accounts two cities with special status and 25 oblasts. With The Soviet Union had fallen, The Republic of Crimea obtained a special status.

Cherkasy region

City: Cherkasy

Oblast: Cherkasy oblast

Founded: January 7, 1954

Government: Yuriy Tkachenko

Area: 20,891 km2

Population: 1,243,925

The region is located in the center of the country. Cherkasy oblast is famous for Chigirin – a residence of Bogdan Khmelnytsky, Trahtemirovsky peninsula with it historical museum, and an arboretum Umansky – the most popular tourist place.

Chernihiv region

City: Chernihiv

Oblast: Chernihiv oblast

Founded: October 15, 1932

Government: Valeriy Kylich

Area: 31,851.3 km2

Population: 1 045,626

It is the region of the northern Ukraine. Chernihiv itself is a very ancient city (it competes with Kiev) with numerous museum, historical and cultural monuments. Chernigiv oblast is known for Mezin National Park with a breathtaking nature, Palace of Rumyantsev-Transdanubian in Vishenkah and Blue Lakes.

Chernivtsi Region

City: Chernivtsi

Oblast: Chernivtsi oblast

Founded: August 9, 1940

Government: Oleksandr Fyshchuk

Area: 8,093.6 km2

Population: 909,900

It is a southwestern region of Ukraine. In Chernivtsi oblast you can see Khotyn fortress of XIII-XVIII centuries, a House-ship, a beautiful Cathedral of Old Believers, located in the village of Krynica and beautiful national parks.

Dnipropetrovsk Region

City: Dnipr

Oblast: Dnipropetrovsk oblast

Founded: January 22, 1946

Government: Valentyn Reznichenko

Area: 8,093.6 km2

Population: 3,254,900

Administrative-territorial unit in the South-East of Ukraine. Visiting Dnipropetrovsk oblast one should find enthralling Samara forest, Mavrinskiy maidan (strange dig construction) and Kodatskaya fortress.

Donetsk Region

City: Donetsk

Oblast: Donetsk oblast

Founded: June 3, 1938

Government: Pavlo Zhebrivskyi

Area: 26,517 km2

Population: 4,320,821

Today Donetsk oblast is not a part of Ukraine anymore. It is a region in the Eastern Ukraine. There are such sightseeings as a national park Holy mountains, a Saints Cemetery of German POWs, Sheychen-ling – is used to be the first and so far the only officially Buddhist monastery of Ukraine.

Ivano-Frankivsk Region

City: Ivano-Frankivsk

Oblast: Ivano-Frankivsk oblast

Founded: December 4, 1939

Government: Oleh Honcharuk

Area: 13,900 km2

Population: 1,382,300

It is a Western region. Ivano-Frankivsk oblast is well-known for the bridge-viaduct, its mountains (including Mount Hoverla), waterfalls, museums (Museum “Pysanka”) and numerous monasteries (St. Ilya Church).

Kharkiv Region

City: Kharkiv

Oblast: Kharkiv oblast

Founded: February 27, 1932

Government: Yuliya Svitlychna

Area: 31,415 km2

Population: 2,718,600

Central region of Ukraine. If you happen to visit Kharkiv oblast, you should definitely see Chalk mountains, singing terraces in Gorodnov, a unique Ionosphere Institute in Zmiev. The city itself is fully embellished with numerous fountains.

Kherson Region

City: Kherson

Oblast: Kherson oblast

Founded: March 30, 1944

Government: Andriy Hordeyev

Area: 28,461 km2

Population: 1,062,400

Kherson oblast is a Southern region. It is famous for a biosphere reserve “Askania Nova”, St. Catherine’s Cathedral with its legends, international theatre festival “Melpomene of Tavria” and Dzharylgach Island.

Khmelnytsky Region

City: Khmelnytsky

Oblast: Khmelnytsky oblast

Founded: September 22, 1937

Government: Alexander Korneichuk

Area: 20,645 km2

Population: 1,294,400

The region is located in the center of the country. Khmelnytsky oblast is an Ukrainian “The Loire valley”. There are plenty of castles (Castle Kamenetz-Podolsky, Ostrog Castle in Starokonstantinov, Medzhybizh fortress castle Zhvanetskiy and many others). Each one has its own long history.

Kirovograd Region

City: Kirovograd

Oblast: Kirovograd oblast

Founded: January 10, 1939

Government: Serhij Kuzmenko

Area: 24,588 km2

Population: 973,100

Kirovograd oblast is a central region of Ukraine. Here you can find such sightseeing as Monument to Vladimir Monomakh, Boris and Gleb Church, Arch of Friendship of Peoples, Water Museum, a monument to a Hedgehog in Fog, and many others beautiful places.

Kyiv Region

City: Kyiv

Oblast: Kyiv oblast

Founded: February 27, 1932

Government: Maksim Melnichuk

Area: 28,131 km2

Population: 2,906,600

It is the region situated in a Northern Ukraine. The most popular sightseeing and historical monuments in Kyiv oblast are White Church, National Historical-Ethnographic Reserve “Pereyaslav”, Novye Petrivtsi with a great residence of President Yanukovych “Mezhyhiria, Zoo “12 months” with happy animals.

Luhansk Region

City: Luhansk

Oblast: Luhansk oblast

Founded: June 3, 1938

Government: Yuriy Harbuz

Area: 26,684 km2

Population: 2,205,400

Luhansk oblast is used to be an Eastern region of the country but nowadays it is a self-proclaimed republic. There you can find “Merheleva Ridge” (the ancient mystical and religious place associated with the pagan beliefs of ancient Slavs), Voroshilov memorial Museum, Dahl Museum, the cathedral Trinity Church, equestrian theater “Fletcher Lugari.” In addition, in Luhansk region there are 87 objects of natural reserve fund (Congress ravine, Aydarskaya terrace, Novoaydarsky Mutton foreheads)

Lviv Region

City: Lviv

Oblast: Lviv oblast

Founded: December 4, 1939

Government: Oleh Syniutka

Area: 21,833 km2

Population: 2,534,200

Western region. Lviv oblast is famous for an Old City, Lviv City Hall, the monument of Adam Mickiewicz, the Venetian house.

Mykolayiv Region

City: Mykolayiv

Oblast: Mykolayiv oblast

Founded: September 1937

Government: Oleksiy Savchenko

Area: 24,598 km2

Population: 1,158,200

Mykolayiv oblast is a Southern region. It is well-known for National Reserve “Olvia”, Kinburn plat, a reserved forest tract Trikrat, Koblevo.

Odesa Region

City: Odesa

Oblast: Odesa oblast

Founded: February 27, 1932

Government: Mikheil Saakashvili

Area: 33,310 km2

Population: 2,390,300

It is located in Southern Ukraine. Odesa oblast represents a storehouse of memorial places. Akkerman fortress, 0 kilometer in Vilkovo, Potemkin Stairs, Deribasovskaya street.

Poltava Region

City: Poltava

Oblast: Poltava oblast

Founded: September 22, 1937

Government: Valeriy Holovko

Area: 28,748 km2

Population: 1,438,900

Poltava oblast is a center region famous for a Poltava battle. That’s why monuments and museum are dedicated to this event.

Rivne Region

City: Rivne

Oblast: Rivne oblast

Founded: December 4, 1939

Government: Vitalij Chuhunnikov

Area: 20,047 km2

Population: 1,161,800

North-western region. The main sightseeing of Rivne oblast is the Castle of Ostrog princes – which is situated on a hilltop in the town of Ostrog. The castle was built on the site of an ancient wooden fortification, destroyed by the Mongols in 1241.

Sumy Region

City: Sumy

Oblast: Sumy oblast

Founded: January 10, 1939

Government: Mykola Klochko

Area: 23,834 km2

Population: 1,113,300

It is North-eastern region. In Sumy oblast City Putivl is situated. It was even caroled by the author of “word of the regiment Igor”.

Ternopil Region

City: Ternopil

Oblast: Ternopil oblast

Founded: December 4, 1939

Government: Stepan Barna

Area: 13,823 km2

Population: 1,065,700

It is a Western region. Ternopil oblast has many castes at its territory (Sydoriv Castle, Kudryntsi Castle, Zbarazh castle, Ternopol castle) a great waterfall Dzhurynskyi (height 16 m), Verteba cave (the length of its underground passages – 7820 m.).

Vinnytsya Region

City: Vinnytsya

Oblast: Vinnytsya oblast

Founded: February 27, 1932

Government: Valerij Korovij

Area: 26,513 km2

Population: 1,602,200

Vinnytsya oblast is well-known for Potocki Palace (Tulchin). In written sources the town was first mentioned in 1607 as the Polish fortress Nestervar Bratslav province. In the second half of the XVIII century Tulchin belonged to the Polish magnates Potocki.

Volyn region

City: Volyn

Oblast: Volyn oblast

Founded: December 4, 1939

Government: Volodymyr Hunchyk

Area: 20,144 km2

Population: 1,042,700

North-western territory. Svityaz (Lake) – the main attraction of Volyn oblast is immense. The lake is associated with a number of legends, is mentioned in many writings.

Zakarpattya Region

City: Zakarpattya

Oblast: Zakarpattya oblast

Founded: January 22, 1946

Government: Hennadiy Moskal

Area: 12,777 km2

Population: 1,259,200

The geographical center of Europe – a hypothetical point, marking the geographical center of Europe, is located in Zakarpattya oblast. Also there you can find a magnificent Castle Palanok and a great waterfall Shipot.

Zaporizhzhya Region

City: Zaporizhzhya

Oblast: Zaporizhzhya oblast

Founded: January 10, 1939

Government: Grigori Samardak

Area: 27,183 km2

Population: 1,753,600

Khortytsya Island is a well-known attraction of Zaporizhzhya oblast. The island is surrounded by rocks, rapids, smaller islands. Its length is 12 kilometers.

Zhytomyr oblast

City: Zhytomyr

Oblast: Zhytomyr oblast

Founded: September 22, 1937

Government: Ihor Gundych

Area: 29,832 km2

Population: 1,247,500

The city of Korosten that is in Zhytomyr oblast is full of interesting places: historic military complex rock, monument to Prince Mal, bathing of Princess Olga, a picturesque Chkalov park over rocky river, etc. And what is more – Festival of Derunov.