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Ukrainian society is a group of people who shares the main Ukrainian cultural expectations and national identity. To be a part of Ukrainian society there is no need to live within the same territory. Today Ukrainian Diaspora exists in the most leading countries in the world. The biggest Ukrainian Diasporas are in Canada, USA, Russia, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Argentina, Germany. According to research Canada is the biggest host for Ukrainians. As per results of recent research there are more than one million Ukrainians living in Canada today.  Canada is considered to be the third largest country populated with Ukrainians (after Ukraine and Russia).

Life in Ukraine

Still, the most Ukrainians are living in the territory of Ukraine. Currently, population of Ukraine is 44, 581 110 million people. It makes Ukraine 32nd most populous country in the world. However, as Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe population rate does not correspond to it’s size. This is because rapid population decline in Ukraine.  For the recent ages, specially for the period of Independence of Ukraine, Ukrainian society underwent great changes. Number of population of Ukraine has been changed dramatically. These changes influenced social life of all Ukrainians. Any changes in demographics make impact on such spheres of life as education, family institution, leisure, economic well-being and other fields.

In turn, Ukraine is a host for different ethnic groups. Among them are Russians, the Poles, Rumanians, Moldavians, Belarusians.

Ukraine is a democratic country and it guarantees religious freedom. The most widespread religious confessions in Ukraine are Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Islamism