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Education system in Ukraine is highly developed and has a long and interesting history. The Ukrainians have always been ones of the most intelligent nationalities and their today’s literacy level is about 99.4%. That is a great evidence that Ukrainian education system is rather efficient and that is why it is recognized by many international establishments.

Ministry of Education and Science governs the studying process. There are departments responsible for each educational level with their local branches.

There are three main levels in the education system of Ukraine: preschool, school and postgraduate education. School system in Ukraine is subdivided into primary, secondary and upper secondary one. Preschool education is not obligatory and according to the statistics only about 50% of kids receive it. Usually these are kindergartens that take children over 2 years old and teach the basics of everything surrounding us until they get 6 years old. Then all children who reach 6 years old are obliged to visit school.

Ukrainian school system

Schooling in Ukraine takes 12 years and is designated for children and youth aged between 6 and 18. Most of schools in Ukraine are accredited according to three levels of general education: younger or primary, middle or secondary, senior or high school. There are also boarding or special schools such as boarding schools, lyceums, gymnasiums etc. All of them have a 12-grade system of knowledge evaluation, the school year is divided into two semesters, four terms with four holidays breaks of different length.

Primary school aims at 6-year-old children who have to study for 4 years and get fundamental skills in writing, mathematics, reading, social science, physical education, foreign language etc.

School system in Ukraine between the fifth and ninth grades is called secondary. It is based on the subject approach to teach children to use their knowledge on practice and finishing it pupils get a diploma of the basic secondary education that allows to enter secondary educational establishments that offer the development of vocational technical skills. High school in Ukraine lasts for 2 years and can have some specialization preparing pupils for the independent testing that is both a final exam at school and entrance examination to the higher educational institutions.

Higher education in Ukraine

Education system in Ukraine provides a high quality higher education for young people. Ukrainian universities offer both private or state funded higher education on the variety of specialties and departments. To enter a university one should pass independent testing or sometimes entrance examinations as well as secondary school records are also taken into consideration. Students can study both full-time and part-time. The studying year is usually divided into two semesters. Depending on the level of accreditation such establishments give different diplomas:

Level 1. These are vocational schools preparing junior specialists;

Level 2. These are colleges and institutes that can teach bachelors (basic higher education);

Level 3. This level is made up of universities, academies and conservatories where one can receive a Master’s degree (students are obliged to pass examinations and/or defend a thesis).

Bachelor Degree can be achieved after four years of full-time and five years of part-time education. Master’s Degree usually is acquired after six years of studying. There is also an opportunity to continue education for a doctoral level too. Since 2016 the doctoral level is represented only by PhDs and all similar levels are equaled to this one. All these degrees were introduced in Ukraine according to Bologna process that is why the evaluation system in most of the institutions is also influenced by the Bologna system and comprises 100 points per semester.

Students, who study in state universities in Ukraine, can receive scholarship if they study well. Modern universities have rather good facilities for studying including extensive libraries, students’ hostels, comfortable auditoriums etc. It is very prestigious to enter top universities in Ukraine as the diplomas received are appreciated by many local and foreign companies.

Education system in Ukraine for foreigners

Ukraine is a popular destination for students from Asian and African countries, who wish to get education. There are over 63,000 foreign students studying in the country today. Applicants can enter only those universities in Ukraine for international students, which have a special license from the Ministry of Education and Science. Since 2016 Ukraine has become even more attractive for foreign students as with the creation of Ukrainian Admission Center studying process got easier and safer there. In general, education system in Ukraine is highly appreciated in many countries and is relatively cheap for foreigners, that is why so many international students come here to get education.