Tourism in Ukraine

/ Tourism in Ukraine

Hospitable Ukraine is a variety of health resorts, mountain ski resorts, guided tours to Kiev, Lvov, Kharkov and other regions of Ukraine. Tourism in Ukraine is also incredible seaside places and other wonderful touristic attractions. Going to Ukraine you will surely taste scrumptious dishes of Ukrainian cuisine, see wonderful landscapes, feel the atmosphere of unique Ukrainian culture, become a part of Ukrainian society. Tourism in Ukraine is low-cost, high quality, active and interesting.

Currently Ukraine is considered to be not safe enough for travelers. Despite this fact up to 10 million people visit Ukraine every year for tourism. Ukraine is one of the biggest country in Europe. However, it does not help it to become a really attractive one touristic place. The main reason for such an unpleasant situation is lack of information about the country among foreigners and absence of external advertising of the country.

Development of tourism in Ukraine have a strong background. It has mountain chains – the Carpathian Mountains is a great place for hiking in Summer, fishing in Spring, hunting in Autumn and skiing in Winter. The coastlines on the Black Sea and Azov sea are popular summer destinations. South part of Ukraine has wine yards. So, Ukraine is a producer of native wines of different sorts and quality. In the territory of Ukraine you can find ruins of ancient castles, cities and fortresses, historical parks of federal importance, UNESCO objects, Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant churches, cathedrals and monasteries. As Ukraine supports freedom of religion there are quite lot of synagogues and masques, specially for all ethnic groups living in the territory of the country.

We can point out advantages of travelling to Ukraine:

  • Affordable prices;
  • Visa-free entrance;
  • Unique culture;
  • Centuries-long history;
  • Landscape diversity;
  • Welcoming of tourists;
  • Delicious ethnic cuisine.

The main Ukrainian resorts:

Ukrainian Carpathians: ski resorts Bukovel, Dragobrat; Slavske, Yaremche;

Medical resorts: Berdyansk, Morshyn , Odessa , Polyana, Truskavets;

Guided tours to: Lvov, Kherson, Uzhgorod, Ivano – Frankovsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Poltava, Zaporozhye.

How to travel to Ukraine?

For the citizens of the most countries in the world tourism in Ukraine is an affordable offer for vocation. There is no need to to apply for a visa and wait for approval while going to Ukraine. The key point for successful travel to Ukraine is to have a valid one passport. Passport should be valid at least for 6 months beyond the planned date of travel to Ukraine. It is allowed to stay in Ukraine without visa and any additional documents for 90 days.

If you decide to stay longer or your purpose of visit is not tourism it will be required to obtain visa. Purpose of entrance can be employment, permanent residency, study and work at the diplomatic missions. So latter the case, questions regarding visa should be solved with Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate.

Tourism in Ukraine is visa free. Ukraine has a visa free regime for such countries as: European Union, U.S.A, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Norway, San Marino, Monaco, Iceland, Vatican, Andorra, Liechtenstein and Republic of Korea, countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (except Turkmenistan). Since recent times Russia has special entry requirements with Ukraine. All Russian citizens need to have foreign passport in order to cross Ukrainian borders.

Full list of entry/exit requirements for your country you can find on the official site of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine .

Ukrainian customhouse

There are particular custom standards which regulate import and export in the country. Below you can find a check-list with the basic requirements for import and export:

  • It is allowed to orally declare an amount which is under/equaled $10000 in different currencies;
  • If importable amount exceeds $10000 limits it should be declared and requires presence of appropriate documents;
  • Without a written declaration only $6000 can be taken out of Ukraine;
  • Personal jewelry also should be declared in a written form;
  • It is allowed to import to Ukraine not more than 1 item of each gadget;
  • Each item of work of art which represents a stated value should have an appropriate document from Public checking service in order to be taken out of the country. Taking out a work of art of lower value just a bill is required;
  • It is allowed to bring in to the country up to two liters of strong alcohol, up to two liters of wine, 200 cigarettes or 200 gr. of tobacco, up to five liters of beer, foodstuff to the amount which does not exceed $50.

Ukrainian currency

Today the monetary unit in Ukraine is hryvnya (UAH).

Money in Ukraine can be exchanged almost everywhere: at banks, exchange desks at hotels, supermarkets and licensed exchange windows. At all money exchange points exchange rate may differ from National bank of Ukraine rate. However, the difference is not dramatic. USD, EURO, RUB are the most popular currencies in exchange booths.

Using credit card is a common thing in Ukraine as well as in the other developed countries. Master card/Visa are accepted in the supermarkets, malls, railway stations, restaurants, hotels and other public places.

More information about the current exchange rate and any additional information about Ukrainian monetary unit can be found on the official website of Ukrainian National bank.

Ukraine travel tips

        • Check the weather forecast and make sure you pack your suitcase in accordance with weather conditions;
        • Make a brief plan of your staying in Ukraine. Define the places you would like to visit and search for some information about these sights in the Internet;
        • In Ukraine there are European sockets and electrical current runs on 220v/60Hz. That is why adopter and converter to transform the voltage may be required;
        • Planning a trip to Ukraine make a hotel reservation beforehand;
        • Ask a hotel representative to book you a taxi to the airport or search for a taxi number in the Internet be yourself. It may be more expensive to take a taxi on the spot;
        • Try not to exchange money in the airport. Exchange rate may be lower than in any alternative currency exchange desk in the city;
        • It may be cheaper to use Ukrainian telephone network. International roaming is quite expensive in Ukraine. Ukrainian country code is +3. Emergency numbers:
          • Fire station – 101
          • Police – 102
          • Ambulance – 103
          • Gas Emergency – 104
          • Telephone Information – 09

The best time to visit Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the countries which is beautiful during the whole year. Each season has its own charm and attractions. Be ready that each season prepares you a surprise: winter will meet you with the freezing cold and snow, summer will greet you with a bright sun, heat and fruits, autumn will hasten to show you its rains and yellow leaves, while spring will meet you with cherry and lilac blossom.

If you decide to organize your travel to Ukraine in Winter the best thing to do during winter season is to attend our Carpathians ski resort.

Tourism in Ukraine

If your choice fallen in to Summer season south coast will suite you the best.

Tourism in Ukraine

If your trip to Ukraine falls on Autumn the best decision will be to gather mushrooms and berries in Carpathian Mountains or visit Sofiyivsky park.

Tourism in Ukraine
Sofiyivsky park

In case you decided to have a trip to Ukraine in Spring one of the best solutions will be to take a tour around Ukrainian cities or visit Kiev and enjoy chestnut blossom.

Tourism in Ukraine
Kiev in spring