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Ukraine is a budget-friendly destination, able to provoke a surge of emotion with genuine travel experiences, color-splashed traditions, undiscovered routes, warmhearted people and amusing sceneries. Ukrainian attractions have been appealing to tourists around the globe from time immemorial. We prepared for you a list of must-see places to visit in Ukraine, which cannot leave indifferent even the most sophisticated traveler.

The most beautiful cities in Ukraine

One of the reasons to visit Ukraine is this fact that the state has many historically important places and cities. Tourists start discovering Ukrainian attractions from Kiev, which is not only one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine, but in the world too.


The list of Ukrainian attractions and the most impressive cities to visit in Ukraine starts with Kiev. The capital of Ukraine is an extremely scenic megacity with more than 3 million people, one of the main tourist attractions in Ukraine. From the ancient times and up to the 12th century Kiev was the center of civilization of Kievan Rus. Since the city has an advantageous geographical location (it is situated on the Dnipro River) it was the main trade connection between the Baltic and the Mediterranean seas.

Kievan Rus was nearly wiped away by Mongol invaders but Kiev did not spot being great and politically important. Nowadays the capital offers its guests and citizens dozens of places to see in Ukraine.

  • St. Sophia Cathedral is one of the famous places in Ukraine. It takes your breath away with fabulous mosaics and mind-blowing frescoes dating from the 11th cen.  The cathedral is a sumptuous example of Kiev’s grandeur.
  • The Golden Gate is also among favorite tourist places in Ukraine. The construction was the main entrance to the walled city of Kiev in the 11th cen.
  • Kyevo-Pecherska Lavra is the right place where to go in Ukraine if you want to be filled with holy awesomeness. This cave monastery is a center of Orthodoxy and is one of the best attractions in Ukraine.

Kiev attracts millions of tourists with the most beautiful places in Ukraine. Maidan Nezalezhnosti, House with Chimaeras, The Ukrainian National Chornobyl Museum, The M. M. Hryshko National Botanical Garden, The Landscape Alley, The International Exhibition Center, the Kiev in miniature Park are the first things to see in Ukraine.

Besides numerous places to see in Ukraine, there are tons of things to do in Ukraine: visiting of the renovated Kiev Zoo, Kyiv Opera House, Ivan Franko Theater, and the Kyiv Young Theater, seeing the surviving parts of the old city, walking in the astonishing thematic parks and going to the industrialized districts of Kiev always leave the strongest impressions on travelers.

Places to visit in Ukraine
Kiev in miniature Park
Places to visit in Ukraine
Kievo-Pecherska Lavra


By right Lvov is considered to be one of the best cities to visit in Ukraine. This poetic city preserved its architectural decoration from the medieval times. The place is so beautiful and delicate that presents the historical significance and is included into the UNESCO World Heritage list. Lets us highlight the most beautiful places in Lvov, Ukraine, which really deserve being visited at least once in a lifetime.

  • The Rynok Square is the historical center of the city, which assimilated all the charm of the old Ukraine and nowadays plays the role of one of the most significant places to visit in Ukraine. The peculiarity is four fountains from each side of the Square – Amphitrite, Diana, Adonise, and Neptune. The Rynok Square is among the most prioritized Ukrainian attractions, because practically every house in this place became a museum, art gallery or crafts fair.
  • Getting to the top of Lvov Town Hall is one of the most exciting and challenging things to do in Ukraine. The top of the building exposes the most magnificent view of the city.
  • Lvov History Museum, founded in the 19th cen., is one of the most wonderful things to see in Ukraine. The attraction once was the residence of Polish kings. That is why the building strikes with brilliance.
Places to visit in Ukraine
The Rynok Square

Reasons to visit Ukraine and Lvov in particular do not end here. To make your tourist journey truly unforgettable there are lots of other sites:

  • Dzyga Art Gallery – the heart of intellectual life and among the first things to do in Ukraine;
  • The Lvov Chocolate Workshop where people cannot resist temptation;
  • The Armenian Cathedral – the oldest spot of the city;
  • Organ and Chamber music Hall to have serious impressions and visit one of the famous places in Ukraine;
  • Do you till hesitate about where to go in Ukraine? Check out the Church of Transfiguration – to get lost in its underground labyrinths.


Odessa is in the top of most beautiful cities in Ukraine! This is a popular one Ukrainian attraction. This place guarantees matchless experiences for travelers. This pearl of the Black Sea is the hot point of the Ukrainian trade with expanded, well-developed and thriving businesses. The city is not only the trade center but a highly-popular resort.

The mild climate, warm waves, well-groomed beaches and the crystal-clear sea are the tourist magnet. Marvelous architecture, deeply rooted traditions and unmistakable Odessa’s dialect are sure to amaze any person. Things to see in Ukraine Odessa are countless, though the most remarkable of them are:

  • The Victory Park;
  • Shevchenko Park;
  • Arabian Cultural Center;
  • Arcadia Beach;
  • Langeron Beach;
  • Starokonnyy market;
  • The House of Russov;
  • The State Philharmonic Theatre;
  • Odessa Art Museum;
  • The Vorontsov Palace.
Places to visit in Ukraine
The Vorontsov Palace


This fascinating city is found side by side with Slovakia and Hungary that is why Uzhgorod is saturated with charms of old Europe which gave this town lots of majestic architectural masterpieces. The city is considered one of the greenest and most beautiful places in Ukraine because it is situated at the bottom of mystical prehistoric Carpathian Mountains. Like other cities to visit in Ukraine, Uzhgorod has a thousand-year history and keeps the secrets of Kyivan Rus. Start discovering Uzhgorod with the most unique attractions in Ukraine:

  • Subcarpathian Rus’ Museum of Folk Architecture and Customs is one of the most beautiful places in Ukraine;
  • Bozdoshskiy Park;
  • Zakarpattia Local History Museum (Uzhgorod Castle);
  • The Holy Cross Cathedral;
  • Catholic Church of St. George.


Chernihiv was the second large city in Ukraine during Kievan Rus and served as a main regional capital. The city has 2000-year history what makes it one of the oldest and most famous places in Ukraine. In different periods of time Chernihiv was under control of Lithuania, Poland and Russia what left a mark on the look and traditions of the city. The most recommended tourist places in Ukraine Chernihiv are:

  • Spaskyy Cathedral;
  • Eletsky Monastery;
  • Chernihiv Rampart;
  • Assumption Church in the Yelets Monastery;
  • Ivan Mazepa’s baroque army building.These extraordinary spots are the first places to see in Ukraine.
Places to visit in Ukraine
The Holy Cross Cathedral

The most beautiful places in Ukraine

There are at least three reasons to visit Ukraine and see Ukrainian attractions: Carpathians Mountains, Synevyr Lake and The tunnel of love, which are the first tourist places in Ukraine. Do you want to know what makes these sights so preferable? Let us explain you.

Carpathians Mountains have picturesque landscapes, flower-filled upland pastures, unending valleys, surprisingly soothing wooded slopes, adventurous stony trails what makes the place the prime territory for hiking, biking and skiing and one of the favorite tourist attractions in Ukraine. An admirable mix of green areas, beautiful meadows and dense forests in harmony with human civilization put Carpathians Mountains into the top of places to visit in Ukraine.

Synevyr Lake crowds the top of the list of the most enigmatic and most beautiful places in Ukraine. It is one of the Ukrainian Wonders. Breathtaking landscapes, quiet babbling streams, super powerful waterfalls, rich wildlife, comfortable recreation zones, lots of historical and cultural objects of Synevyr are among the main tourist attractions in Ukraine. To preserve all this beauty, the national park “Synevyr” was established in 1974.

Places to visit in Ukraine
Synevyr Lake

The tunnel of love is a stunning 3 km long railway leading to the fiberboard factory. The gorgeous leafy tunnel near Kleven town is in the top places to see in Ukraine.  Unlike other Ukrainian attractions the tunnel is an outstanding mix of freely growing vegetation and manmade infrastructure. The spot is so romantic and innocent that has become the point for lovers’ promises and the leader of attractions in Ukraine. If you are looking for where to go in Ukraine, consider this unique passageway.

Places to visit in Ukraine
The tunnel of love